A huge thank you to our judges and stewards from the Greater DeKalb Kennel Club!!!

Greater DeKalb Kennel Club

On behalf of the Greater DeKalb Kennel Club we would like to give a big shout out of thanks to our stewards who made our 4 trial weekend a huge success-
Francene Andresen, Joyce Bauer, Marilyn Blenz, Sally Boeke, Pat Botts, Leslie Bower, Lizz Brookshire, Cindy Bunker, Patti Burgess, Liz Caardello, Glenis Cook, Rick Cox, Cathy Fleury, Jeanne Greenwalt, Ingrid Hamburger, Jill Hansrote, Ed and Kate Harrison, Kent Hildebrand, Connie Hillquist, Anna Dee Lastick, Cheryl Lewis, Jean Munger, Carol Nightingale, Vera Nyberg, Dot Wagner, Taffy Wille, and Nancy Youngen.
Also a huge thank you to our judges, Jim Comunale, Sharon Hodges-Wood, and Dick Wood, who made earning titles, legs, and lessons enjoyable.Greater DeKalb Kennel Club


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