Companion Dog Excellent (CDX)

Instructor: Cathy Fleury

Who the class is for:

Companion Dog Excellent is for dogs that have perfected the skills required at the Novice level and are preparing for competition at the Open level. Open to purebred and mixed breed dogs.

What you will learn:

Dogs are taught the skills needed to perform the exercises required (off-lead heeling, drop on recall, retrieve on flat and over jump, sit stays and down stays with handlers out of sight) at the Open level of AKC and UKC competition. We emphasize training through praise and positive reinforcement.

For more information on obedience competition, visit or

What to bring:

  1. a collar,
  2. a leash,
  3. non-crunchy food treats, like hot dog slices or bits of cheese, and
  4. a regulation obedience dumbbell.

How to sign up:

Return the Registration Form with your payment to reserve your place in the class.

The Vet Approval Form may be mailed with your registration or brought to the first night of class.

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