We at Kanosak Kennels are proud of our Alaskan Heritage, and we try to keep that in mind not only with our kennel name (Kanosak means “GOLD” in Eskimo), but also with our breeding goals. Alaska is one of the most awesome places on earth, it’s majestic mountains, the strength of its soul, its natural beauty, and the open friendliness of its people are all reflected in our breeding goals. They are to produce dogs that reflect this ideal – a dog that is gorgeous to look at, with good sound structure, a willingness to work and a friendly tail wagging personality.

Our dogs can be shown in conformation, obedience and field, but most important they are outstanding companions. We feel that a sound golden, with normal hips, eyes, and hearts can be produced. We strive for this same dog to have championship conformation, intelligence, enthusiastic personality, and bird sense. We strive to achieve this multi-purpose ideal, trying not to over emphasize any one point at the expense of another.

At Kanosak we try to give each of our puppies the best possible start in life. Without question, all our puppies are given proper nutrition and veterinary care. But much more is needed beyond this basic care to give the puppy the best possible start in life. We have a routine socializing, play and love time every day with each puppy. At seven weeks our puppies are tested with a test similar to those developed by Pfaffenburg, Campbell and the Leader Dog School for the Blind. We find that these tests help us to determine the puppy’s personalities. We also “stack” and “gait” our seven week olds to gain an opinion as to potential structure and conformation. After we have looked at the puppy’s conformation, test results and day-to-day socialization information, we try to match the right puppy with the right owner. Our puppies are available for placement in their new homes at seven weeks of age.

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