Congratulations to Our March Graduates!


Beginner Class Graduates 03/19/2019

Beginner Class Graduates 03/19/2019

Congratulations to the graduating beginner class. Keep up the good work.

CGC Class Graduates 03/19/2019

CGC Class Graduates 03/19/2019

Proud faces in this photo of owners and their dogs. Current class of CGC graduates. Congratulations on your new title!

Advanced Puppy Class Graduates 03/20/2019

Advanced Puppy Class Graduates 03/20/2019

Congratulations to our Wednesday night advanced puppy class grads. A special shout-out to all who passed the AKC trick dog test!


Guess Who Passed the CCA?

Check out this wonderful group of Kanosak goldens who passed their CCA on March 10! From left to right: Gypsy, Nancy, Andie, Carolyn, Hunter, Francene, Airen, Leslie, Rex

CCA is a conformation assessment done by the breed club. Dogs are measured in all areas of conformation and scored using the breed standard. Three different judges evaluate the dogs and assign a score in each area. A score of 75 or greater is required from each judge. The Kanosak Krew passed with flying colors!

Kanosak CCA 2019

Kanosak CCA 2019

Ronnie Awarded Breeder of the Year for Rally Events

Ronnie Bizer Breeder of the Year for Rally Events

Our own Ronnie Bizer received a special recognition from AKC. They have recognized her as 2018 Breeder of the Year in Rally Events due to the large number of RAE dogs that she has bred. Kanosak’s Wild Ride is the most recent RAE. Thank you Taxi for helping!

Results from AKC National Championship in Florida: Click here for photos


To Francene Andresen and Athena for their third place finish in masters level obedience.

To Cathy Fleury and psych who were number one Rottweiler in agility at the AKC national in Orlando this weekend and placed 18th out of all 20 inch dogs.

Ronnie Bizer and Gypsy for their seventh place finish in open  obedience classic.

Photo: Francene and Athena from Badger Kennel Club December 2018. Cathy and Psych earning PACH 2016 (photo by Scott Persky). Ronnie and Gypsy at 2018 Nationals in Florida with their ribbons (photo by Nancy Youngen).

Click here for even more in September!

Graduating advance puppy class who also took their novice trick dog test and passed. Congratulations to all! 9/2018

New advanced puppy graduating class and are so proud owners of puppies that passed their novice trick dog test. Congrats to all! 9/2018

July has been a great month at Kanosak!

Congratulations to all of our graduates and new title holders!

This Graduating Advanced Puppy Graduating class also took their novice trick dog test and passed!

These teams passed their Canine Good Citizen test and earned their CGC title.

Beginner Class Graduation July 13, 2018

A huge thank you to our judges and stewards from the Greater DeKalb Kennel Club!!!

Greater DeKalb Kennel Club

On behalf of the Greater DeKalb Kennel Club we would like to give a big shout out of thanks to our stewards who made our 4 trial weekend a huge success-
Francene Andresen, Joyce Bauer, Marilyn Blenz, Sally Boeke, Pat Botts, Leslie Bower, Lizz Brookshire, Cindy Bunker, Patti Burgess, Liz Caardello, Glenis Cook, Rick Cox, Cathy Fleury, Jeanne Greenwalt, Ingrid Hamburger, Jill Hansrote, Ed and Kate Harrison, Kent Hildebrand, Connie Hillquist, Anna Dee Lastick, Cheryl Lewis, Jean Munger, Carol Nightingale, Vera Nyberg, Dot Wagner, Taffy Wille, and Nancy Youngen.
Also a huge thank you to our judges, Jim Comunale, Sharon Hodges-Wood, and Dick Wood, who made earning titles, legs, and lessons enjoyable.Greater DeKalb Kennel Club